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My Educational Background

I am a vibrantly enthusiastic educator with fifteen years of teaching experience with students between 5th and 12th grades. As a certified English teacher who has chosen to maintain my career as an educator, I now offer tutoring across all subjects, writing instruction, test prep, and editing (in person and remotely) to families on the Main Line from my home in Devon.

I have a lifelong commitment to education. I hold a Master's of English Literature from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School via Oxford University (UK) and an undergraduate degree in English Literature Magna Cum Laude from Barnard College/Columbia University.

My educational experiences range across all manner of settings: from day schools to boarding schools, I have confidently led classrooms in public, private, single-sex, and co-ed schools in five states and two coasts. I have worked in classrooms with student bodies from as small as 6 to as large as 25 (sometimes more). One clear universal need all students share—no matter their gifts or challenges: students thrive in the presence of a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who is attuned to their specific learning needs and who can motivate them while making learning entertaining.

Regionally, I opened and ran my third Writing Center at a new school in our midst specifically designed for gifted learners: The Grayson School (please check it out! For ever four+ years I helped found and launch Grayson (K-9th grades, and growing annually). Grayson is the only school in the state of Pennsylvania built to instruct gifted children. During its inaugural year as the Chair of the Language Arts Department I spearheaded a writing intensive elective and then established Grayson's Writing Center. Additionally, I also served on Grayson's Executive Board and on the Upper School Task Force.

Teaching how to be a better writer...

A particular passion of mine is working with students to become confident, self-sufficient, and savvy writers. Here's a little backstory of how I became an inventive and effective writing teacher:

  • Early in my teaching career I was awarded a grant to research the writing process. I researched the academic take on how universities and prestigious writing programs were approaching the writing process. I compiled a resource binder and lobbied for my school to open a Writing Center immediately, which I founded and championed, shepherding Peer Tutors through training so they, too, could help students to learn how to be a better writer.  
  • I have established THREE successful (and still operational) high schools' Writing Centers, including one locally at The Grayson School.
  • I have worked in SEVEN writing centers during my career: Columbia University (as an undergraduate Peer Tutor), Phillips Academy, Oldfields School, Suffield Academy, Radnor HIgh School, and Episcopal Academy, in addition to The Grayson School.
  • I have helped every kind of student with every kind of writing needs at every stage of the writing process.