Contact me: email; cell 610-420-4414

Yes, From Afar I Can Help!

I am happy to work with students who need materials remotely edited to accomodate busy schedules:

  • college essays and supplemental responses
  • expository papers
  • research papers
  • poetry exegeses
  • camp applications
  • interrn or grant applications.

With each edited piece, I use "Suggested Edit" mode to interface with the original piece, mindfully making improvements to the document itself as well as adding "sidebar" comments when there is a concern or question. If the student is comfortable in Google Docs, together we can

  1. work jointly in the document and on the phone--this is similar to a face-to-face tutoring encounter
  2. be in the same document simultaneously so the student can watch in "real time" the editing process
  3. or I can edit independantly without the student.

Finally, I often document a section at the end of the work "WRITING SUGGESTIONS" for the student to turn to to focus on for overall or specific improvements.